I just started Pilates with Mary last week. I was a bit apprehensive to tell anyone. . .but after two visits I can feel a change in my ab area. . .it's like I'm pulling in my stomach muscles but I'm not. . .they're doing it on their own!!! LOVE doing Pilates! Mary is a lot of fun and I've met some really nice people!

Barb Kinder   

Just went to a class at the new studio, it is going to be awesome! If you have been thinking about doing something to get in shape, get stronger, or just keep yourself healty, you should try pilates with Mary! The classes are fun and any skill level or body type can do this! I was afraid to come the first time, but 3 years later, I am really glad I did.

Oh yea, we also laugh a lot in our classes, that makes it even better!

Barb Lomder   

I started coming to classes with Mary about 3 years ago, and I can not believe the difference it made in my strength and coordination. I was afraid to come at first (it took many months before I actually showed up!) but the classes were fun and inviting, and Mary is just awesome! If you are thinking about starting and exercise program, this is fun (we laugh, a lot) and really good for you, this is it. Don't worry, every skill/strength level is accommodated, so just come, have a good time, and get healthy!

Kathy Genteman   

I have worked with Mary for a few years now and she’s awesome. When I began my neck and back were weak and I had headaches almost on a daily basis. Simple house chores or sports activity were difficult. At first I wasn’t quite convinced it would work. I continued to avoid as many activities as possible that would cause me problems. In time, after doing my chores, I started noticing I didnt get a headache. Recently, I rode on an amusement ride at the park, I NEVER did that. I would get a migrane from riding on any fast moving ride, but I had NO Problem! Now, I seldom have a headache or backaches and home chores are a breese(darn it, LOL). Mary encourages, motivates and teaches one how to strengthen the body, while helping you to be a healther, happier you! Thank you Mary!

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