Tower Mat Class:

This class is limited to 4 people, its a great affordable way to include equipment and mat at the same time. This is what some people refer to as a half Cadillac.
This class is scheduled the same as a private lesson with your instructor, Call the studio or speak with instructor directly regarding the class that would best suit your needs...  What to bring to class: Socks and a Smile.

Pilates Mat/ Everyone is a beginner

This class is designed for those New on the Mat, it is also a great review for current clients. The Beginner Mat class is designed to teach the principles behind Joseph Pilates work. Teacher will advance all students to the next level.  What to bring to class: Socks and a Smile.

Pilates All Levels Mat class

This class is for those who have attended a Beginner or Introduction to Pilates class.  This class expands on your knowledge and principles behind Joseph Pilates work. Teacher will let you know if you are ready to attend this class.  What to bring to class:  Socks and a Smile.

Yoga All Levels

This class is designed for experience yogi's with no need to be introduced to the exercises.  This does not mean we won't do new things this means your body is a at an athletic level of control.  Where it is safe to keep you moving and progressing through the exercises.  What to bring to class: Mat & towel

Yoga for the beginner or aching body

This class is designed for those needing a slower movement.  There are several reasons for a slow movement...  Beginner to the exercise, wanting more of a meditative workout to aid in de-stressing, or one that may be limited in range of motion for one reason or another.  What to Bring to class: Mat & towel


For all levels of fitness.  A Cardio-infused workout that uses classical ballet barre exercises to strengthen and develop long, lean muscles.  Includes upper body sculpting, abdominal series, & Patent Pending Beyond the Barre Glide Board--a slippery surface designed for sliding back and forth like an ice skater.  What to Bring to class: Clean socks (not worn)

Metabolic Testing

Top trainers and coaches, premier fitness clubs and sports teams, and health professionals of all types use the metabolic assessment to measure how efficiently a body burns calories both at rest and while exercising. With the detailed, science-based snapshot of your metabolism that comes from the New Leaf assessment, we can design a workout program that meets your individual needs, so you can achieve real results in less time with greater ease. Your metabolic profile helps your trainer determine how long you should exercise and how intensely (probably not as hard as you think!). Your profile also provides insight into the nutritional choices that will improve your health, increase your overall fitness, and ultimately enhance your athletic performance.