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Pilates Mat / Everyone is a Beginner
(Pilates props used)
This class is designed for those new on the Mat, but is also a great review for current clients. The Beginner Mat class teaches the principles behind Joseph Pilates’ work. Teacher will advance all students to the next level.
Pilates All Levels Mat Class
(Pilates props used)
This class is for those who have attended a Beginner or Introduction to Pilates class. This class expands on your knowledge and principles behind Joseph Pilates’ work. Teacher will advise if you are ready to attend this class.
Yoga for the Beginner or Aching Body
This class is designed for those needing a slower movement. There are several reasons for slow movement: beginner to the exercise, someone who wants a more meditative workout to aid in de-stressing or someone who may be limited in range of motion for some reason.
Yoga All Levels
This class is designed for experienced yogi’s who are already familiar with the exercise. This does not mean we don’t do new things. Instead, it means your body is at an athletic level of control, where it is safe to keep moving and progressing through the expertise.
For all levels of fitness. Barre is a cardio-infused workout that uses classical ballet barre exercises to strengthen and develop long, lean muscles. Includes upper body sculpting, abdominal series and patent-pending Beyond the Barre Glide Board – a slippery surface designed for sliding back-and-forth like an ice skater.
(Equipment used not part of Group class package)
This class is limited to 4 people and is a great, affordable way to include equipment and mat at the same time (also known as a “half Cadillac”).
Body Assessment
A Private one-on-one session with a Senior Instructor. The assessment will help guide you to the proper fitness classes for your body. In this session you will discover your natural spine and how to strengthen it by using your “power house” and the mid-line connection to the back. Postural training is the life line of longevity in your fitness. Let us help you maintain a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and a Healthy Lifestyle.
Call the studio to schedule all equipment classes (tower mat, private Pilates sessions and body assessments).

Please specify the type of class you are looking for when registering.

What to bring to class? Socks and a smile! For Yoga classes please also bring a mat.



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