Pilates and Yoga Center of Lake St. Louis. With a picturesque view of the lake, Pilates & Yoga Center of Lake St. Louis provides a tranquil setting where you can improve your fitness and health, under the careful supervision of skillfully trained instructors. We offer many opportunities both in group classes and one-on-one sessions to challenge your body, bringing you to a place of strength, while stretching, with control!!

Classes We Offer:

Group Pilates Mat
Group Yoga
Group Barre “This is not your daughters Ballet class!”
Tower Mat Class (pre-registration required)
Private Pilates lesson
Pilates Semi-Private lesson
Yoga & Barre Private lessons available

We offer a variety of classes for additional cross training:

Pilates: The Ultimate in Total Body Training. Creating a balance of overall body wellness. Strengthens while lengthening and teaching control of movement.

Yoga: This is what you make of it so give it 100%. If you come in strong you will definitely experience an amazing stretch.

Barre: The True Cardio Ballet Barre Workout! That’s what has people saying “Sculpt, Strength, Stretch.” Barre fuses Pilates, Ballet, Yoga, weights and more to provide a complete workout.

Private Training: Recognizing that not all bodies are the same, private sessions are tailored to each client to help gain understanding of how to engage the core to strengthen and tone the body – a great enhancement to your overall training!